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Moving files across shared drives isn't permitted at the moment. For example, moving a file from the Staff Shared Drive to the Curriculum Drive cannot be done by dragging the file over. 


Google's "Add a shortcut to Drive" provides an excellent workaround around this. 

  1. If the original document is meant to be unaltered, right click on the file and select the option to create a copy of the document. 

  2. After creating a successful copy, right click on the on this copy and navigate to the "Add Shortcut to Drive" option. 
  3. Pick the desired drive that you would like to move the file to.

  4. This file  can now be viewed at both places at once but is the same document and any changes made will be reflected. eg: Making changes to Copy of TEST in Foundation will make changes to Copy of TEST in the Staff shared drive as well. 

  5. Once the desired changes have been made, the shortcut can be deleted if needed.