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The Screen Time setting can be used to manage and control  the duration one spends on the device and the various applications.

How to setup Screen Time 

  1. Go to the Settings App on the iPad. 
  2. Click on the ScreenTime tab and click Continue. 
  3. Click Continue on the Content and Privacy. 
  4. Select "This is my Child's iPad" on the screen that asks who's device it is. 

  5. Select your desired Downtime. Chosen applications will have their access restricted during the specified time. 

  6. Select App Limits for restricting the amount of time your child can spend on an application. 
    (eg.: Setting an App Limit of 8 hours for Minecraft during school hours)

  7. Create a Screen Time Passcode that is different from the device's passcode. Select your passcode and re-enter it. If you do not have an Apple ID account you can hit Continue on the top right corner or you could set up an Apple Id in your own time to retrieve the passcode in the event you've forgotten it. Alternatively you can contact the school for help.
  8. Once successful you'll get a notification alerting you to when the ScreenTime lock gets enabled. The applications will then be locked and further use will require the passcode. 

Ensure your device is updated to  iOS 13 ++ for screentime to be visible.

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