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Use the following guide to help you connect your student iPads to your Apple Classroom app.

Classroom turns your iPad into a powerful teaching assistant, helping you guide students through a lesson, see their used apps, remote view each iPad, and keep them on track. With Classroom, you can easily launch the same app on every student iPad at the same time or launch a different app for each group of students.

Classroom helps teachers focus on teaching, so students can focus on learning.

Before starting the lesson to on-board students

Make sure you have:

  • Apple Classroom app on your iPad
  • Create your class in the app before sitting with the students

Adding students to your Classroom

It is best to go through the following as a group activity.

On your Teacher iPad


1.    Open the Apple Classroom app on your iPad

2.    Select the class you created for your students

3.    Click on “Invite Students” and note down the code


The students will not see “Classroom” appear in Settings until you are on the invite screen.

On the Student iPads


4.    Ask the students to go to “Settings”

5.    They will see “Classroom” appear on the left (if you are currently inviting new students)

6.    Ask them to select your class, enter their name and type in the code displayed on your iPad


You will start to see students appear on your iPad as they join.

On your Teacher iPad

Click “Add” on your iPad once completed

How to use Apple Classroom




Group Actions

Group action icons are at the top of the screen and will apply an action to all the iPad group

Individual Actions

Click on an individual student to send an action to just one device

Open (app)

Force an app to open on student iPad – You also have the option to Lock the student into the app so they cannot open others. Use the “Unlock” action to release the iPad from the locked app.

Navigate (website)

Force Safari to open a website (you must have the website saved in your Safari favourites)


Locks an iPad and disables the student from using it.


Lets you see what students are doing on the iPads in a live feed


Lets you create your own groups of students